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Bitsafe means Payments for Platforms. Process with CardBilling & Pay with Bitsafe. With Bitsafe Platform Connect you automate your platform payouts flow. You empower your talents to withdraw money quick and easy. CardBilling is part of Bitsafe. Verotel and CardBilling starteded in 1998 as one of the first internet payment service providers. Now, more than twenty years later, we are changing the adult entertainment industry once more under the Bitsafe umbrella with the introduction of Platform Connect.

Platform Connect

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Bitsafe Platform Connect is a suite of services that automates the payment flow for Platforms. Bitsafe Platform Connect includes Mass Payments, Automated Talent Payouts, Pairing Accounts and Payouts Reporting.

Platforms initiate payouts to Bitsafe Talent Accounts. A Talent Account is a Basic Payment Account that comes with a unique IBAN. The withdrawal options are SEPA transfer, wire transfer, US ACH, US Check and Bitsafe-to-Bitsafe transfers. Talent worldwide can apply for a Bitsafe Debit Card. As the card is connected to the Bitsafe Talent Account their funds are immediately available to spend for goods and services, or to take out as cash with any ATM in the world with a Mastercard® logo.

Mass Payments

Mass Payments is a method of paying multiple talents simultaneously. Instead of entering each talents's payment information separately, CardBilling merchants can upload a CSV file containing all the relevant data to perform multiple payments at once.

Bitsafe has different transfer methods. Transfer methods include Bitsafe to Bitsafe transfers, SEPA transfers, Wire transfers, US ACH transfers and US Check transfers.

The Bitsafe Mass Payments API is meant for Platforms that distribute their funds automatically to Bitsafe Talent Accounts.

Bitsafe Mass Payments API payouts allow an easy and modern way of submitting payments in a programmatic way and in JSON format. Only Bitsafe to Bitsafe payouts are available with the Bitsafe Mass Payments API. All transfer methods are available by uploading a CSV file.

Automated Talent Payouts

Automated Talent Payouts

You may even fully automate payments to your talent. With Automated Talent Payouts you determine what percentage of the gross amount - or fixed amount - is paid to the Bitsafe Talent, and you use the CardBilling FlexPay API to communicate this information at the time of the transaction.

Pair Accounts

Pairing Accounts is a feature that allows the Platform to retrieve information about a Bitsafe Talent Account and obtain an authorization to make payments to it. Bitsafe Talents must prove their identity and give consent to pairing their account to the Platform. This assures the Platform that the money will be sent to the right talent.

Pairing Accounts

Payouts Reporting

Merchants with Platform Connect have a special Payouts Reporting tab in My Bitsafe. This tab features an overview of mass payments with the Mass Payment Tool (status of batches, status of individual payments), mass payments with the Mass Payment API (status of transactions) and an overview of Automated Talent Payouts. This way you can easily track all your payouts to your talent.

Communication to your talent

Bitsafe is proud to serve individuals worldwide independent of their trade, profession, race, ethnic or social origin, gender, religion or sexual identity.

Onboarding of new talent is done with the Bitsafe App, available for both Android and iOS

Bitsafe offers a variety of promotional tools to board new talent seamlessly. More information of these promotional tools are available at CardBilling's sales department