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Accept credit cards with CardBilling

CardBilling provides the order page of your online entertainment website and handles the payment. After free integration with our Remote User Manager or with our FlexPay API you will be able to accept credit cards worldwide.

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All major Credit Cards

CardBilling processes all major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB and Discover.

Secure and professional

CardBilling is a trademark of Verotel. Verotel is a regulated PCI compliant Electronic Money Institution, MasterCard Payment Facilitator and VISA Merchant Agent.

High Risk accepted

CardBilling is dedicated to all entertainment websites, including online adult entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of businesses do you accept?

CardBilling accepts all businesses dedicated to online entertainment, including adult entertainment. Most online entertainment websites are subscription based. Thanks to CardBilling's remote user management, the subscription management for your website becomes a breeze. With the FlexPay API both subscription and non-subscription billing can be integrated. The FlexPay API is ideal for webcam sites and websites that use tokens.

Do you have a setup fee?

The setup fee of US$ 500 is only paid once. It covers the costs associated with compliance and risk management. The annual fee of US$ 500 covers the annual VISA and MasterCard registration fees. The annual fee of US$ 500 is payable every year, at the birthday of your account.

How can you offer such a low 5% Transaction Rate?

The 5% Transaction Rate is an all-inclusive rate that highly competes with rates of direct merchant accounts and competitors. How can we be so inexpensive? Verotel has been automating its compliance, risk management, and merchant support departments in such a way that all these costs can be paid from the Setup Fee. With a non-negotiable low 5% Transaction Rate we have eliminated all costly middle men. In short: we lowered the costs in order to provide you the best deal. And the best news of all: the 5% Transaction Rate is not a promotion; it's a rate that is here to stay.

Do you accept merchants from all over the world?

CardBilling accept customers from most countries all over the world. Please use the Apply Now button to check if your country is accepted. For some countries or merchants we might ask for additional identification and paperwork during the compliance process. All merchants are screened by us through various anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorist-information databases. At CardBilling we need to identify the ultimate beneficial owner of your business.

How long does it take to get started?

Once you apply for your account you will be issued a CardBilling ID and Password. With that information you can login at the CardBilling Control Center. There is where you will pay the US$ 500 Setup Fee and US$ 500 annual Registration Fee. Once these fees are paid, you will be asked to send in paperwork to identify you and your business. This can be sent electronically to us. During this process you may ask CardBilling for a free installation request or you can integrate CardBilling yourself with CardBilling's Remote User Management or FlexPay API.

Is my money secure with CardBilling?

CardBilling works with banks all over the world. Your money is ultimately held at one of the largest banks in Europe, from which you receive your weekly payment. CardBilling is a registered tradename of Yoursafe. Yoursafe B.V. is a registered Electronic Money Institution with the Dutch Central Bank. The Dutch Central Bank is overseeing Verotel's fund management on its third party accounts.

How does CardBilling work with other processors or payment methods?

CardBilling is only available for credit cards. With CardBilling you can accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club and Discover credit and debit cards. Other payment methods can be used parallel to CardBilling by using multiple payment buttons on your order page, or by implementing these other payment methods on an API level. If you are moving from another Payment Processor we can facilitate a configuration where the scripts and software of the legacy Payment Processor work seamlessly parallel to the integration of CardBilling. This allows you to continue to receive recurring payments from your legacy Payment Processor while signing up new customers through CardBilling.

How often do I get paid?

CardBilling is paying out weekly, every Monday. From any payment a 5% holdback is held as a reserve for chargebacks and credits. This holdback is held for 26 weeks. Such a holdback is also referred to as a rolling reserve. CardBilling pays by bank wire, ACH or US Check. Other third-party payment methods will be integrated in early 2015. Other payment methods will only be integrated if the third party is a registered financial institution.

Can I do my own support?

CardBilling provides an all-inclusive package - including end-user support. Our company name and support website is listed on the credit card statement. CardBilling runs a 24x7 support center and website, allowing end-users to cancel their subscriptions and obtain information about their transaction. If you want to provide your own support services - you are welcome to do that. With the CardBilling control center you can easily manage your subscribers, give refunds, etc.

Is my identity protected with CardBilling?

CardBilling is required by rules and regulations within the European Union and the Netherlands to identify each ultimate beneficial owner of companies it is working with. That identification is an important part of the compliance procedures at CardBilling. We use your identification solely for screening at various databases, such as anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorist-information databases. Your identity is save with us and will not be shared with any third parties.

Does CardBilling offer an Affiliate or Reseller Program?

Yes, CardBilling has adopted Verotel's Reseller Program. It can interact with all registered Verotel Resellers. But there is more. CardBilling operates a modern version of this reseller program: CardBilling Affiliates. It is available in the CardBilling Control Center. With CardBilling Affiliates it's possible to provide a maximum of 70% of a gross transaction amount to a Reseller/Affiliate. Screening of the link path is established with the use of cookies. CardBilling Affiliates will be available from November 2014 onwards.

What is the minimum term of my agreement?

There is no minimum term of your agreement. Once you have paid both the Setup and Annual fees, and your account is approved, you can start accepting credit card transactions at our 5% Transaction Rate. You can cancel your account through Merchant Support. Please cancel your account in time (at least 30 days) before any new Annual Registration Fee is due.

How do I integrate CardBilling on my server?

Integration of CardBilling is a breeze. Please refer to the Support section of this website for more information about CardBilling Remote User Management and CardBilling FlexPay API. CardBilling can be integrated with server systems of all brands and operating systems, including Windows Server, Linux and FreeBSD. CardBilling Installation Engineers are available at no charge to help you install the necessary software to enable CardBilling for your website.

Do you offer an API for integration?

The CardBilling FlexPay API allows you to accept both subscriptions and one-time payments. One-time payments are mostly used for token-based online entertainment websites, such as webcam websites. There is also free installation available for such websites and such installation. CardBilling is also supported by various e-commerce packages and has modules available upon request. More information about the CardBilling FlexPay API can be found on this website under the Support section.

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